Speedway Driving 2017 - The Collected Works of Mattie Bates

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Image of Speedway Driving 2017 - The Collected Works of Mattie Bates

The programme columns written by popular Eastbourne Eagle Mattie Bates have been collected into a 48 page book to raise money for this year’s BBC Children in Need Appeal. "Speedway Driving - The Collected Works of Mattie Bates" has been put together by Mattie and Eastbourne programme designer Barry Cross.

“I enjoyed writing the column so much, it was great to try something different within the sport,” said Mattie “and Barry suggested there was something more we could do with it. We’ve added a few extra bits and pieces so even if you have all the programmes from this year there is still something new to see.”

Designer Barry Cross said “Mattie’s column was a great addition to the Eagles programme, and with the Speedway Driving catchline it created a lot of attention. We decided we could do more with it and raise some money for charity. As it’s the BBC Children in Need time of year we decided that would be a good choice, it’s such a great charity and even our colour schemes match - it made perfect sense.”

As well as Mattie’s columns, the book also contains Eagles' programme covers featuring Mattie (plus Mattie's fantasy cover!), additional photographs, a review of Matties’ racing career. his Top Ten albums and The Speedway Driving Awards 2017 chosen by Mattie. It's a perfect stocking filler for Speedway fans everywhere!